Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neat Things....

Neat things on a neat day :)  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Brother!!

My Brother...Deaf by megintis...hard headed by choice..    Here is  a  picture of him when he was  a baby and the other when when he was about 23..  He became hard of hearing when he was about 3 so he has no recollection of the ability to hear...he is however, a talented artist, it's in our blood!!  My Aunt does art, my grandad did art, and now i'm dabbling in it!!  The Buffalo is a sketch that Eddie, my brother, did on a whim when he was visting..  The birthday gift is for him to start using art as an outlet because he's doubtful of his gift and talent, maybe my gift for his 26 birthday will make him start up again :)

New art card!!

It's my new art card..i call it mosaic just came to me one day and i drew it.  A heart is so many things combined in one.  Colors, life, beauty, and awesomeness.  It's something that we are blessed with and can't live without.  It pumps the energy and blood and life through our body so we can be......

(I wish the colors were more vibrant, my camera isn't the best right now)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day Pictures, Images and Photos
Hope everyone has a fabulous Valentines Day!!  Big hugs are from Mr. Snowman that was made from the snowstorm yesterday!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snoopy Red glitter heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Snow in the South...

  Well i'll be darned,  this i thought i never would see!!  The forecast was calling for snow, but we all know that sometimes you just say, "okay weather man we'll see about that".  To my surprise, on my way home from work i saw some "white stuff", by the time 7 or 8pm rolled around it was in full force!!  Kids were outside running around laughing and playing and i could only grab my camera quick enough.  Later in the morning i took some of the snow before the beautiful warm sun decided to peek through the clouds and melt all the gorgeous white dust.....