Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boone Hall Plantation pictures....

Avenue of Elms, 300 years old

Boone Hall House, residents still use the upstairs to this day!!

Back of Boone Hall House   

Flowering Apricots   

Elm with alot of Spanish Moss

how has this branch not broke it is huge!

The oldest tree on the farm....600 yrs old!!
A friend in the nearby stables :)


Ferns that grow on the elms..turn bright green with rain and dark brown like the trunk when there hasn't been rain.

Over all it was a great time and i'm glad i went.  It had a butterfly garden with i will look forward to going to in the spring.  I learned a lot about the plantation and the inside of the house was AMAZING.  Unfortunately we weren't allow to take pictures inside :( 
The house has been in a few movies that you might of heard of...The Notebook, North and South, and Queen. 
The gardens looked so neat, of course now is not the time to take pictures because nothing is in bloom, but i will be back to capture that this spring ;) 

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  1. OMG, I LOVE these photos, Amanda. The place looks amazing. I think you are right ~ it would be awesome in the Spring. I think I might want to go then, too. I love the backyard and the huge tree branches. SO COOL!!
    Be seeing you soon!!!!
    ♥ audrey