Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sick Hydrangea

Help!!  I think my hydrangea is sick.  It was doing great right when it started blooming and then over the past week or so it started to look like the above.  It looks like it's got some sort of bug on it.  The leaves are wilting and brown spots are showing up on the leaves.  If you have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it.  This plant means alot to me, because i brought it with me when we moved from Roanoke, i would hate to have it die especially since it has been doing so well :(


  1. Amanda, make sure it's getting enough water....then spray it with a floral bug spray in the morning before it gets too hot, make sure you spray UNDER the leaves as well. It wouldn't hurt to put some insect killer or slug killer on the ground under it as well. Keep your fingers crossed! MOM