Friday, July 9, 2010 old farmhouse in the middle of the blue ridge mountains

So for our fourth of July, we were lucky enough to meet the granddaughters  (who are now in there 70's)  of an original doctor from the town of Clifton Forge, Va.  They have passed down an old farm house from the 1914's to there granddaughters  (the ones we met) , who now have thier own children and grandchildren.  It's been in the same family for a lonnnng time.  It's called Wiggam.

We took a small tiny path off a windey road  to arrive there.  Then to get to the house, which is on the other side of the river, we took a little canoe.  There we sat on the stoop and jumped in the river,  one of the cleanest rivers in the state.  So clean you could drink it,  (although I wouldn't) .  It was beautiful.  We saw an Eco-system thriving all throughout!!   Snails, fish, algae...etc.... 

The family dog, called Tripp was so protective that ever time the owner got in, so did she!!

Then there was my husband and father trying to row a canoe, that didn't pan out because they didn't realize they needed to be facing the other direction!!


  1. Amanda.... What a wonderful, peaceful looking place. I can imagine relaxing by that river with a sketchbook in hand. So glad you had a great time there. Had I been there, in this heat, I KNOW I would have been IN that river!

  2. Audrey!!love you!!thanks for looking at my blog again! I had i haitus...or however you spell it.. we had a great time! it know you would have loved it at wiggam, we did for sure...hugs :)