Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Witches within...

It was cold today.. i drew this, on a whim,  thinking how neat it would be, to be in the woods, by the fire, with my cat and broom.  The moon is just above, the stars are right with it.. just waiting for the right time to fly around with my cape blowing behind me..  getting ready to add to my cauldron.. wonder what i will put in there next? maybe some twigs, moss, or.....hmmm.....just happy to be by a fire...it keeps everyone warm....goodnight  :)


  1. nice sketch... a nice clearing in the woods with a blazing fire does sound nice...

  2. Oh, Amanda, I like this a lot!! And I love seeing that you haven't given up on your art!!
    ♥ audrey

  3. thank you ladies, just felt a little halloweeny! It was wierd how this just popped into my head, the one wiches face looks a little funny, but it was just a sketch :) hopefully some more will pop in my head!!