Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fat Hen

 Follow me chicks, hens and roosters..

 To the Fat Hen...

What are your specials Fat Hen??

No I don't want any tshirts....

Now....This is what i'm talking about...2 eggs, bacon, french fries (no home fries here), and toast...

Brunch has been served...Are you happy now bright eyes???....Wi....

This place is owned by a chef originally from roanoke, va (small world, that's where i'm from), neat country french decor with an organic twist.  They also only buy local produce from South Carolina.  I like to help all things local whenever i can help it (with the exception of target, and tjmaxx, guilty pleasures).  We waited 1 1/2 hours for a table!!! I think and i hope that my mother-n-law and grammy-n-law enjoyed it as much as we did...

Visit TheFatHen.com for the full experience.....What a great day!!


  1. Mother-in-law and Grammy-in-law enjoyed it very much - it wouldn't have mattered - we were just very happy to be with you and Casey!! That was an EXCELLENT Bloody Mary, though. I would like to have one of those right now!
    Neat place - The Fat Hen!
    We had a great time, Amanda. LOVED those tacos! Thank you for making them.
    Maybe I will see you when Casey is out and about (you know what I mean).
    Love you.
    ♥ audrey

  2. love you too :) we had a great time also, we did do alot i just wished i had more time off
    :( Hopefully i can make it up to va to see everyone while he's away!!