Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So i got creative the other day and drew this handsome bluebird..i thought i give drawing a try! I've dabbled in art a few times,but never really done much more than a few pumpkins and witches. Though halloween fare is my favorite to draw i had a thought to try my favorite bird of all times. I used crayon, colored pencil and and piece of cardboard i had in the house. To my surprise i think it turned out okay...at least i'm happy about it:) My favorite muse of all times is my "almost mother-in-law" who fills me with inspiration and creativity even though i don't tell her...she's got a great eye and i hope one day i can be as interesting of a person as her! I hope someone out there can see!!! I showed my fiance and he was truly impressed!! Well i hope everyone had a great tuesday, just remember it's one day closer to the weekend!! cheers ;)


  1. Amanda.....Welcome to Blogland!!! I was so excited to see your Blog! First, thank you for the lovely compliment....it pleases me that we have something in common that we both love.
    Second, your little bluebird painting is so sweet and well done. You don't give yourself enough credit. Keep creating! I know you will love it.
    I am happy to be your "almost mother-in-law"!

  2. thanks audrey, i'm glad your looking, i love your blog and i look almost everyday! Keep up the good work!! Thanks for the super nice post!