Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Sun

So i was so excited by my first blog, i had to make an addition right away ;) I went for a walk in the neighborhood just because it was such a wonderful day. The bright sun, light breeze and a nice temperature made for a photo op. I brought my camera along just in case something caught my eye and of course it didn't take long for that to happen. My front porch looked so good that i had to take a picture of it...even the dead palm, which fortunately we will be getting replaced, hopefully sometime this week. I'll post the before and after pictures when that finally happens! My biggest pleasure was a bluebird who happened to be snagging a worm right as i was walking back and luckily held still enough for me to take his picture. I was so happy because they are hard to come by ever since i've moved from roanoke. I even found a little bird's nest right in our tree in the front yard. What a wonderful sunny sunday ;)

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