Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Day!

So i finally had time to enjoy a great day on Saturday, by saying goodbye to my summer plants and saying hello to fresh autumn annuals! It was a cloudy day, but still warm for South Carolina about 82 degrees, but there was a cool breeze and it was a good day to get work done outside. As I was pulling out my sweet potato vines to make room for some mums, i couldn't believe what was attached.....actually potatoes!!! :) There was bunches of them, i wasn't sure if they were edible so i ended up throwing them out, but i thought it was neat because it was the first time that every happened to me!! I then added my kale, some pansies, and some pumpkins, and of course my fall wreath ( which i got a Walmart for 10 bucks!!) So i now, finally, I feel like fall is in the air..........

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