Monday, October 12, 2009

Final Art Projects

Here are 2 of my art projects that i finally finished!!! I'm really happy about them, just a few tweaks here and there, but they are done! The one is a 5x7 canvas ( a birthday gift from audrey, thank you!) and is acrylic, the other a standard art card, all colored pencil, but i used some "glitter paint" if you will, to fill in the sea! So we will "see" if they sell, cheers everyone and Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Bright Eyes! You have been busy with your paints. I like what you have done. What are you going to paint next??
    You have an award to pick up from my Oct. 11th Post. Just save the picture to your computer and then post it on your sidebar. I hope you will accept it. (:

  2. i will i will, i'm going to try and figure that one out , but it will happen! Thank you xoxo!