Sunday, November 1, 2009


So we finally made it back to south Carolina on Friday! all day Saturday i spent catching up with house work and getting my pumpkins carved and outside ready to go...i got everything up and running before the trick or treaters and it was so much fun! You can see i did one pumpkin with bats and the other is what i call my "Martha Stewart" pumpkin, i drilled holes into the flesh than poked Xmas lights through them, i think it turned out pretty good:) I can't believe that another Halloween has come and gone....


  1. Amanda.... your Halloween pumpkins are fabulous!! I LOVE LOVE the Martha Stewart one!!
    Good job!
    Very uneventful around here last night. Not one Halloweener ~ but I didn't expect there would be. ):
    We should have gone downtown Roanoke - there were things going on down there. Maybe next year.

  2. thank you for the compliments!! I was happy with the results...we went through 3 bucketfulls of candy before halloween was over, not to bad, i know Casey was looking forward to the leftovers ;) Next visit...staunton and the art museum, and if there is time the antique store off of orange ave.!!

  3. Yes, we will go to those places on your next visit ~ I look forward to it.