Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December in Charleston South Carolina

We decided to take our visitors to downtown Charleston, SC. It was a beautiful day and pictures were everywhere!! These are just a couple of some of the things i tried to capture on film and I think they express how beautiful that Saturday actually was.
The gorgeous Oaks with the Spanish moss, hanging so delicately on them were taken right down at Battery Park. It overlooks the ocean and all the history that took place there. The size and the beauty of these oaks tells you how long they have actually been present which has been many years before you and I!!
There were many festive homes along the battery that i took pictures of, but the one that caught my attention first, was the unique pink home that matched it's garland to it's color. I thought that was great. Take a close look....it's leaning to the right...Can you see it?? These homes have been hear since the civil war... I guess i would lean too if i was that old!
I wish i could put more than 4 pictures per post, if there is a way please let me know!! Hugs and happy December!!

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