Monday, December 7, 2009

December Saturday...

I truly couldn't believe what a beautiful day we had this past Saturday.... bright and sunny with a cool wisp of air...hard to believe that flocks of birds were still standing by the ocean waiting for the fish to come so they could get a little dinner...I personally like the one picture of the seagulls in the V formation....that describes my family to a "V"! I also like the little guy just sitting, maybe he had a long day and just needed a break....The sun was so bright that day, in a blink of an eye they were there and then gone!! I do enjoy the loggerhead aka..sea turtle statue with his Christmas spirit!!


  1. Love the turtle - Is that the one at the end of the road at Isle of Palms? Or is it somewhere else?
    I am eager to see all the pictures from Eric and VV's visit ~ I bet you had a great time!!
    ♥ audrey

  2. yes it is the statue at isle of palms, we took vv and eric there saturday so they could see the beach. We had a great time and she took most/lots of pictures!! i was a bad photographer and didn't get my camera out as much as i should have :( I've made an oath to keep off of fbook to do more blogging!!