Monday, August 30, 2010

Just sharing..


The month of October
has a special day
That for the 30th  is only
one night away

Ghosts, Fairies and Witches too
Come out on this night
to put spells on YOU!

Lurking in trees
Flying in air
We cannot see anything
But we know they are there

We go to the houses
And say "trick or treat"
Sweets of all kinds
Are given to eat

From the distance
Up the bare trees
The wind blows down
The last autumn leaves

As we wait
and hear a wolf howl
We know that evil is
On the prowl...

So Be careful i say..
Only if you believe
of all HALLOW'S EVE!!

Written by..amanda g. strott
Age...not sure, my mom found it in the basement!
Why......i love halloween
these pics were taken last year 2009...looking forward to 2010 halloween :) hugs to all my bloggers!!


  1. This poem is great, Amanda!! Your Mom sent it to me in an email and I loved it. You have had HALLOWEEN in your blood for years. It is getting close to that time again. I bet you are getting excited to start decorating. It's a fun time!!!
    ♥♥♥ audrey

  2. yes i am!! i ready for my department 56 to come out of storage!! hugss!