Sunday, November 27, 2011

After Thanksgiving Meal and some Arts & Crafts!!

So, I had to make something different after all that thanksgiving food.. so I went Mexican!!  Browned a pound of ground beef...

Added some a 1/2 cup of corn frozen or canned, then 1 cup of black beans.canned...mixed it all together, with some salt and pepper...

Then layered....add the corn/black bean/beef combo first, then took (according to the recipe off of called Rachel Rays Mexican Lasagna) halved torillas to layer, finished with the rest of the meat, then layerd again with the rest of the other halves of tortillas...

Top off with some shredded cheese, as much or as little as you like...then bake for 15/25 min in a 425 degree sure to check food network!!

Wall lahhh....dinner is served!!

Top with some scallions or green onions and add some guacamole and sour cream....maybe some hot sauce..I really enjoyed it...

.Afterwords i decided to get crafty........

MY first garden tower!!!! which one is the favorite???   This one is 7 pieces cost about $8.....

At first i went to a antique store.......BAD idea.. they charged almost $12 for a plate

or step


This one is 6 pieces cost $5.....thank you octoberfarm for your AMAZING crafting skillls!!!

She's amazing!! I love looking at her blog and will always be as thrifty as possible to make something so
yet inexpensive!!

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  1. OH, Amanda, how I wish I had been there to have dinner with YOU!!! That looks SO good. You must make it again when we are together. I bet Casey would like it, too.
    Your Garden Tower is wonderful!!!!! I am so happy to see you creating. Again, I wish I was there so we could create together. I think I'll come spend a month with you. hahahahaha
    Love you.
    ♥ audrey