Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bahama Cruise...Day Two..Part Two...

Okay....Let's get back on the ship and go to Deck 11....Lot's of fun here...Dj and alot of people watching...

So What!! we had some beers,  why don't you have on with us??

Look...This is inside the ship!!

So we went back to the state room to get refreshed... AND we ended up with gifts...

Not only did we get gifts, we got a Halloween surprise...Who knew you could get that from a towel :)

After Cleaning up we headed to the CASINO!!!!

Had to stop and take a beer break....  we had to pick our lucky numbers....

Just some random people getting ready for the big halloween bash....had to get a picture of that!!

Hello!! You can see we are having a good time!!

ALL ABOARD!! Next Stop Coco Cay..... Let's go everyone!!!

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  1. More great photos! It all looks like fun, Amanda. Great picture of you and Casey. I think you'll always remember this cruise.
    Thank you for prayers for my friend. ♥
    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!!