Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Summer Planting, before the Fall..

I get so upset when little critters invite themselves to MY plants...sigh...some bug got a big dinner from my potato vines.....

AND then I found my portulaca has been eaten by deer or rabbits, I still think it can be salvaged by a little repellent....

My Last attempt for some summer glory before the Fall planting begins....My fern has done wonderful and even my lantana,  I cannot wait for some cooler weather, but no matter how hot it gets here, plants grow gloriously (especially with the right deterent to keep away the "night feeders")....Hope everyone smells the flowers and dances in the rain......


  1. I would LOVE to dance in the rain if only we would get some!!!! Your plants are looking good, Amanda, in spite of the critters. ♥

    1. thanks Audrey!! the critters can be sneaky...<3, huggs