Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not Folly Beach.....HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

Yeah it finally happened....Folly Beach in South Carolina was one of the only public beaches you could enjoy some beers on ....Unfortunately,
 because we new better to go on a holiday weekend, on July 4th..things happened beyond the control of the Folly Beach Patrol...... That being said the towns people voted on a ban of alcohol for 60 days.   I can understand the residents on this, however, the few people that came to Folly that don't cause a problem are being punished....It caused an uproar....look at the front page!!  (ignore the glue stain between r and k oops)

Same title, different page....

Even the local businessess took a stand.....

Reminded me of the fun times we had on Folly,,,,before the chaos....We will be back because we love that beach and respect it!!

Oh no missed the catch...

My Brother and I with the Folly Pier in the background,,,,, husband found a little friendly crab :)

Friends on the Beach....

They decided to get in the water....

Whoa!!! To much Fun here!!

My Husband and I love it here!!

I Love Folly Beach and so do WE All....No matter what we will enjoy it here!!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post, Amanda. Just way too much going on in my life, I guess. I am behind on reading blogs and posting comments. Anyway, the photos are WONDERFUL!!!! I'm glad you and Casey will continue to enjoy Folly in spite of the ban. It is temporary and things may change.
    I know you all have a lot of fun on that beach and I have fond memories of the few times I went there with you. I hope to join you there again someday.
    Love and miss you.