Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little bit of Spring...

What a great Spring day today is!!
I've got my windows OPEN!!

I even hung my New sign I got on Etsy....

My front porch has a new Spring flower basket...

I even got my FERNS out!!

Now just a little bit longer until i can get rid of the pollen...


  1. Oh, these pictures make me miss you guys even more. I want to come there and sit on your back porch. I want to run around with you to all the shops. I want to drink something somewhere. hahaha Oh, heck, I just want to be there.
    Everything looks so pretty! The little doxie up in the corner is ADORABLE!!! Is that just a random photo of a doxie? I would like to adopt him. hehehe
    Love you.
    audrey xxoo

    1. Hi audrey!! we would love to have you, you'd be great company!! Yes how fun that would be, together at last xoxo!!! Yes the little doxie was a random photo, i had to support all the family that has them lol!! miss you!