Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pollen is here that means Spring is around the corner!

My back porch is covered in the yellow pollen, there is no point in cleaning yet....

it will just come right back...  look at my trail to get to my favorite spot on the patio

It's covering my car completely and since it's black it REALLY shows....
 sneezing photo: A-A-ACHOOOOOO!!!! sneezing.gif
And pretty much here on out till mid april...i'm sneezing....
Come on Spring!!!


  1. Oh, I remember that stuff. Yuck!! I know you'll be happy when it's all gone so you can sit on the porch and not be yellow when you go back in. (:
    xxoo audrey

  2. Oh, your deck looked like there had been a “pollen” storm, Amanda! And just a sight of it makes me sneeze already! Aaachooo! (><) Anyway, in times like this, I always have my antihistamine prepared to reduce my allergic reaction. Actually, I can clean up that mess despite my condition, but I cannot risk my health that's why I seek the help of professional cleaners.

    Kylee Groves