Sunday, August 31, 2014

White Stone, Virginia

Kind of a foggy day, but my friends beach house is right on the Rappahanock River, the locals call it The Rivah...

Their Dock, I spent several days fishing off of it. I caught 2 but they were baby bass so I let them go

These are called crab pots, throw them in   With some bait and wait.... We pulled up the pots every hour, didn't have the greatest success, but we got this guy. Can you see how big this one was!!!

I even caught a crab with a net! Again it was a baby so I set it free...
A better view of the dock, they hooked up a raft to the back of that boat and boy was that a great time, I laughed and screamed so hard I lost my voice the next day!!

Those wood sticks are called piles, it used to be a pier. Back in the day this house used to be a full time fish refinery, but those days are gone, now it's home to masses of barnacles, crabs, and retirerees fishing for their dinner.  The family uses this house now for family get togethers, and did we have a good time um you betcha!!!

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