Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A day with sunflowers

I went to my nearby farmers market, I got tomatoes, peaches, and sunflowers!! When I said I wanted sunflowers she gave me a basket and clippers.  I went into the field and clipped what I wanted, it was so beautiful being in a farm that grows their own goods. I was all alone when I was clipping the blooms, it was like being a kid in the fields, I got 3 blooms and the honey bees and I had to fight for the flowers!  It was fun, I got dirt on my toes and the sun in my was a good day!!   Don't worry will give some dirt later, no pun intended...


  1. Sunflower fields are beautiful and fun. I have viewed them and been in awe. I've never had the delight of actually being in one.

    1. thanks Audrey wish you were there to share the sun & sunflowers with me :)