Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday in the kitchen

I bought these old recipe books from an antique store and decided to try a few recipes, I mean we ran our errands and finished working in the yard so why the hell not!!

Here's my peach cobbler, a few modifications, but looks and smells delicious!!

Before these beauties were broiled...

AND after.... These poppers were a recipe from my best friend.  You buy fresh jalepenos, halve and seed them, stuff them with cream cheese and wrap them with bacon.  I used turkey bacon and low fat cream cheese, but holy sh$t these are to die for!!! ( oh and top them with fajtia seasoning)

I love cooking, the only part I dislike is the clean up, but it comes with the territory. I am trying to dabble in cooking something new each weekend, plus I've got all these cookbooks so I mind as well use them.  

On another note, fall is right upon us and I'm super excited to get my Halloween decor out, drinking the seasonal beers, buying pumpkins and mums, and getting the summer put to bed for the year.  Let us relax and let the fall season begin!!


  1. The cobbler looks wonderful and so do the poppers. I have a solution for your clean up. I hate to cook, but don't mind cleaning up. You like to cook, but hate the clean up. We should have taken advantage of this while I was living around the corner. You could have done the cooking - I would have done the cleaning. (:

    1. i like that idea alot Audrey!! xoxo