Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random photos from key west...

Okay so I promise to get more fall "like" after this post, I am just so excited to share Key West.  It truly is a great place, especially when you go with people you love to see friends that you love , enough emotion, I'm over it.... Take a look my seamen and seawomen and enjoy.....

Don't worry Hank is alright, (he knows a sea voyage is about to occur) just a little tired....he had a lot if fans..not the ones you cool your self off with, but people. He's popular, what can you do!?

A great place for lunch.... I mean at least I thought...

Look at this art store on Duvall!! Pretty neat!!

We're off..

Boca island, ahhhh

Sting ray!!!

Bye sting ray, nice knowin' you!!

The littlest hermit crab I've ever seen..

Back on the boat, no breeze meant to many bugs, gotta go

Hank the first mate...keep an eye out for land matey!!

Okay well you've got the drift.... See you ashore.... 


  1. These photos made me want to go back to Key West soon!!!!! I can settle for Isle of Palms, though. Still hoping to get down there to visit with you two even sooner than soon. Love you and miss you SO much. ♥

  2. thanks Audrey!!you know your welcome anytime xoxoxo