Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What do I do now?!!

I've dabbled in art,  yes, I've tried watercolor, I've tried acrylic, I have dipped my toe in oil paint, I've scrapped the glue from a glue gun and yes I have done some crafting, but through it all I have have made some pieces that I'm proud of... They may not be the best, however, it somehow made me feel good, that I could be creative, only the bloggers know this about me, not my Facebook friends or my twitter, just you... I guess sometimes the anonymous is a better judge than no judge at all......

Well happy day, I did some art..,see you soon you anonymous judges... :)


  1. Very cool, Amanda!! I love that you are creating again. The suns are great, but I am partial to the line-up of pumpkins ~ the little critters up on the hill are adorable. xo

    1. thanks audrey!! I love the little critters too! They resemble all of us as little kids climbing "mountains" to get the best candy from our neighbors....