Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday in the kitchen

I bought these old recipe books from an antique store and decided to try a few recipes, I mean we ran our errands and finished working in the yard so why the hell not!!

Here's my peach cobbler, a few modifications, but looks and smells delicious!!

Before these beauties were broiled...

AND after.... These poppers were a recipe from my best friend.  You buy fresh jalepenos, halve and seed them, stuff them with cream cheese and wrap them with bacon.  I used turkey bacon and low fat cream cheese, but holy sh$t these are to die for!!! ( oh and top them with fajtia seasoning)

I love cooking, the only part I dislike is the clean up, but it comes with the territory. I am trying to dabble in cooking something new each weekend, plus I've got all these cookbooks so I mind as well use them.  

On another note, fall is right upon us and I'm super excited to get my Halloween decor out, drinking the seasonal beers, buying pumpkins and mums, and getting the summer put to bed for the year.  Let us relax and let the fall season begin!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hummingbird Sighting, look closely!!

A Humming bird came to see me today, I hope that means something happy!!  Take a real close look!

In the picture above, the hummingbird is in mid air, right in the lower center of the tree..

Look Close, this time it's right in the center of  the plant, getting nectar....

You can see it in the corner, I see you Hummingbird!! You are hard to get on film, stop being so camera shy!!

Well, I tried.... I hope these birds keep coming my way, they are just wonderful!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! xoxo, A

Monday, September 8, 2014

A blank sheet.....

This is how I feel today, a blank sheet, nothing inspiring, just nothing, just blank, everyone wants a clean sheet right?  Well, I guess  I just keep looking at it until it speaks to me....sometimes i just wish it drew itself....,,tomorrow is anew  let me look for that inspiration!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book Store

I found a book store!!! I don't know why that makes me so excited.  It's the kind of bookstore that isn't a huge corporation, you can walk in and  just see aisles and aisles of books,   Used books.  The binds on the back have been open and closed so many times you can see the ridges on the spine.   You can also bring in another used book for a trade in price!  I love to actually hold a book in my hands and yes I smell the pages.  Why, because I like the smell, you should try it! I bought a cook book of all things, but Hey it made me happy! It was 3 dollars what's not to love!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A day with sunflowers

I went to my nearby farmers market, I got tomatoes, peaches, and sunflowers!! When I said I wanted sunflowers she gave me a basket and clippers.  I went into the field and clipped what I wanted, it was so beautiful being in a farm that grows their own goods. I was all alone when I was clipping the blooms, it was like being a kid in the fields, I got 3 blooms and the honey bees and I had to fight for the flowers!  It was fun, I got dirt on my toes and the sun in my was a good day!!   Don't worry will give some dirt later, no pun intended...