Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back Porch Saturday

So the other day i was out for a walk and i noticed that the tree that i was looking at , at the very very top was already starting to change color!!! I was shocked because i thought being down in South Carolina and it being so hot that trees changing would be the last thing on the list!! I couldn't believe it...So i went right home and looked up photos of my backporch right when spring started, i can't believe in a month or so all the vinca, petunias, begonias, & portulaca will be replaced with mums....another season is unwinding......


  1. These pictures of your back porch made me miss you two and now I'm sad ):

  2. Don't be sad audrey, next week we'll have a bunch of adventures together and more photos to put on our blogs!! YEAH!! See you soon!