Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clifton Forge Fun

So another place that we visited while in Virginia was to my parents "new" house, in Clifton Forge, that they bought a couple years ago and have been renovating it bit by bit so it is ready to move into in a year or so.
The first picture is of the house itself, which was built in 1914 by Dr. Revercomb. He was the local doctor in Clifton Forge and had it built so he could actually see his patients inside his home, which was common at that time. My parents are the 5th homeowner of this house, which is hard to believe after almost 100 years!!
You can see one of the before and after photos of my mothers kitchen, it's been alot of work for them, but they enjoy it!!
They have a nice garden in the back yard which is where the basket of vegetables came from, we ate most of them for dinner with our brats and potato salad...
Lastly is their most recent purchase, which is the 1930 Ford T model car!! Can you believe it!! I think they are trying to go back in time wouldn't you say!! Dr. Revercomb was actually one of the first car owners in the area so he could make house calls to his patients if they were unable to come to the house!! It's very exciting to see all the hard work they've put into it and i look forward to seeing the finished product;).....now if i can only get them to a a computer................Have a great week everybody ;)


  1. Nice pictures, Amanda. What a great house! It was nice to get the tour and hear the history of the house and the area. I am sure they will be very happy there.

  2. Well I can certainly understand the desire to step back in time, to a simpler age! If that is in fact their plan you may have trouble with the computer but who can blame them.

  3. thanks ladies!! I know they look forward to moving there, you are absolutely right i don't think the computer is going to be there number one priority!