Saturday, November 6, 2010


I got this recipe from a FABULOUS blog..OctoberFarm...All kinds of recipes, gorgeous pictures and beautiful pictures of a wonderful home in the north eastern state.  Even though it was a Halloween recipe it intrigued me so much i decided to try it in November...and It is called BRAINS....when you cut into it, it has delicious brie, chopped veggies, and above all you use pastry dough to make it look like "brains" !!  Unfortunately, mine had a hole so some of the gooiness came spilling out :(   Nonetheless, it's still was delicious and i look forward to many more recipes from the Octoberfarm blog!!


  1. This sounds really good, Amanda. Your picture is great ~ it looks nice and browned and yummy. I want a piece right now!!!
    ♥ audrey

  2. it was so good, all that cheese, i was worried that all of it was gonna come gushing out, but it still turned out okay!!

  3. I saw this the other day and it looked so yummy... yours looks just as good... guess I will have to try and make it...