Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

My husband and I will be heading to the beautiful mountains for this Thanksgiving so i will return in a few days to show all the good food and fun that was had in the mean time before I bid adieu... i thought i would share ...

10 Things I am Thankful for...

10.  A beautiful home, my nest,  that i can decorate, cook, and entertain with.

9.  A wonderful job, that is with family, so i never dread waking up in the morning to go to it.

8.  An outlet to share with friends and family that i never had before, allowing me the freedom to express my art, photos and anything else on my mind and also being able to enjoy the same thing from others, it's truly been amazing :)

7.  A great country, through good times and bad I "Am an American where at least I know I'm free"

6.  Great Service Men and Women who protect me and this great country, Thank You!!

5. My garden....     

Spring, with brand new baby blossoms ready to start again.  
Fall, with it's cool breeze and drifting leaves.
Winter, with it's sleepy, silent blanket.      

Summer, with it's warm melting sun.  

All of these times i experience ulimate joy in my garden..

4.  The birds that visit me all season, the turtles that bask in the sun and frogs that ribbit under my porch light..life is full of "all creatures great and small"

3.    My wonderful family and friends, who made me who i am today.  The whole caboodle,  those here in this life and those that have passed...without them i would be nothing...i love every single one them ( even at times of annoyance :)

2.  My husband, who changed my life and made me more gracious, forgiving, patient, and thankful, just to name a few..I am very blessed to be with such a wonderful man...

1.  I really want to say that i am truly thankful for a chance in this life.  Somewhere when i was created I was placed with great surroundings and people and family and health... I'm growing older day by day, but I realize now that every day is precious, and loving everyone and meaning it means more than you can imagine....So thank you GOD, friends, family and Bloggers!!  Give Thanks this year!!